Oral Medicine

The mouth truly is a window to the body’s health. Soft tissue diseases affect many people that can range from a small site of irritation to a severe limiting disease that may be the first sign of an illness affecting the entire body. Periodontal research has made significant impacts on the medical community by demonstrating connections between findings in the mouth and underlying systemic diseases such as heart, lung, and kidney problems. Other soft tissue diseases affect an individual’s mouth due to problems arising from their immune system. Treatment can entail simply applying a medication to an area of irritation to advanced treatment coordinated with numerous physicians.


Periodontists are experts in recognizing these subtle differences in immune problems and providing effective treatment when it affects your mouth. General dentists and the public frequently seek a periodontist for addressing many diseases such as Lupus, congenital problems, and complications from cancer therapy that are not traditionally considered dental problems.

The following are examples of the range of disorders treated by periodontists: